Contacts and Friends in TellTrail

How to set up and manage your network of contacts

Organising your own network starts with your contacts that you can then organise into Friend Groups

Contacts, Friends and Friends Groups are all possible PRIVACY choices when you are posting into TellTrail



in TellTrail, your Contacts are just that - mutually acknowledged contacts

That is people you know and who know that you can always see and message each other within TellTrail

On setup, one or other must request the contact

- by email invitation to a potential new account - you can import your existing email address list(s)

- by sending your invitation link to a potential new account

- by sending a contact request to an existing member

the recipient must then accept or agree to continue

After that you're both on each other's list of contacts until one of you chooses to end the contact link


We recommend all that members should use anonymous usernames and that is how you will see them

until you assign them a nickname of your choice which only you will see. 

So you can safely revert to using real names or genuine nicknames whilst browsing and for your own contacts



How do you know these contacts?

Some will surely be family members - close or more distant. 

Some may be colleagues from school, college or work - either current or previous. 

Others perhaps via sports clubs or other interest groups.

You can build FRIEND GROUPS in order to organise and reference similar contacts

- You assign each new Friend Group a name that makes sense to you

- Friend Groups can hold any number of your contacts ( 0 or more)

- Any contact can be selected by any number of Friend Groups ( 0 or more)

A FRIEND is just a contact that belongs to one or more Friend Groups

Friends do not automatically have any extra privacy access rights


NB. There are 2 types of Friend Group

CIRCLE - Most common

When all group members can be aware of and communicate together in common interest (e.g. family) then a CIRCLE group is appropriate

CIRCLE groups have their own dedicated Message Board areas for the exchange of group messages



When you are the focus of a group that should remain separate and private from each other then a STAR group lets you combine them for conveniently sending messages from you to each of them.


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