The TRUTH About Facebook. Facebook and its Advertising are DANGEROUS

Frances Haugen worked at Facebook but was so alarmed at their practices that she copied hundreds of internal documents in proof of her concerns and became a whistleblower

Miss Haugen is not the first to become alarmed about social media see

Netflix's 2020 film ;  The Social Dilemma Trailer or full film

Where several of those who had worked on Facebook and others expressed their alarm at what the algorithms of profitabilty were doing to people and communities.

In short  these platforms were deliberately addictive to sell more users' attention time to advertisers

But the algorithm's choice of content was also harmful, divisive, promoting extremism, self-harm and undermining democracy

The difference here is that Miss Haugen has provided documentary evidence

Miss Haugen has testified before representatives from the US Congress and the UK Parliament and here is our extract

A BIG part of the problem is ADVERTISING

- Advertising revenue is at the heart of these algorithms

- They don't just advertise but ACTIVELY INFLUENCE thinking and decision making

- Sold irresponsibly to the highest bidder this INFLUENCE can do REAL WORLD HARM

Miss Haugen herself says she believe in the GOOD of SOCIAL MEDIA


TellTrail was designed to be GOOD SOCIAL MEDIA


- we DO NOT track browsing

- we DO protect PRIVACY and COMMUNITY

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