Trump.D Diary : Friday 20th January 2017 - Part 2 - Oval Office

In my hand, the pen will undoubtedly be more powerful than the word.

Enough of glad-handing and let’s get down to business.  Now the Obamas have moved out of here, Melania can set about sprucing the place up but she’s already complaining that living here in the White House is a drop in standards – not to mention an almost complete lack of privacy.

I must agree that the Oval Office is a bit drab and confined after my suite at Trump Towers and I suppose that means that Air Force 1 is going to feel like budget transport too but one has to make sacrifices for the higher cause.

There are some nice-looking interns around here though.  I made a point of doing a meet and greet White House walkabout to show that I’m a man of the people, down to earth, genuine and approachable … and of course to check out the talent.

As if I wasn’t sexy enough even without all my money - and now absolute power - many of these interns will be wishing there was a secret “Lewinski” tunnel leading from some closet to just under the Presidential desk.   Maybe I can add that to our remodelling….?  Maybe Clinton already did!?  I need to check the plans….and order some stain remover.

First order of business is to stomp on Obama’s legacy.  This is pretty routine for a new head honcho because it puts a block on any future credit for the Ex-Pres but also because it’s pretty good fun! 

So let’s repeal Obama’s healthcare law and win a few brownie points with the healthcare and insurance industries.  I guess I’ll have to go on record demanding that they keep a lid on their prices to make them affordable ….. but that’s for later.

Then all I need to do is put a block on any new or pending federal regulations.  My advisors seem to think I should temper that with a 60-day review period so that anything worthwhile (as if!?) can still win my Presidential approval.

I want my people to realize that I’m always open to reasonable suggestion and advice so I have now incorporated the 60-day review.  But I wonder if I should also tell those same advisors that they are also now under a 60-day review…….?


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