Trump.D Diary : Friday 27th January 2017

Home Security, the Military .... and World Peace

What am I to do about Muslim extremists?

We’ve been too generous and accommodating in the past.  That has only exposed us to horrific acts of terrorism and the astronomic security costs of trying to find these cowards and prevent their plans.

We can’t do too much yet about all the 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims who suddenly idealise the socio-political environment that their parents or grandparents found so oppressive and abhorrent as to seek asylum in the US in the first place. 

If they think sharia law is so great then God or Allah knows there are enough countries in the world that will welcome their citizenship, cut off their hands and stone their wives so let them go. We could even help fund their permanent 1-way exit airfare?  (Later!)

I accept that the majority of Muslims may be peace-loving and prepared to live in harmony with  our culture and ideals but how much use have they been in policing their own extremists?  One jihadi militant can take out a thousand innocents and it’s time we relieved the strain on home security and the perceived threat to general citizens.

Iran is a glaring centre of anti-American hostility and so it makes sense to severely restrict US border access to citizens of Iraq and its heavily influenced neighbours. 

As with our own immigrant community, it’s time the Muslim world took more responsibility for “cleaning house”.  Mere words of condemnation are cheap and useless.  When they’ve restored the word “Muslim” to mean nothing more threatening than strange dress and annoying loudspeaker gibberish at all times of the day then we can afford to be more generous.

Rebuilding our military strength will not only improve our perception of national security but it will also re-inject billions of tax dollars into the economy.  Coupled with our “Buy By US” policy this will also help to kick-start the economy.

P.S.  I’d better also make a public declaration that what we really want is world peace.


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