Trump.D Diary : Monday 23rd January 2017

Why should the government subsidise people – mainly women I understand – who want to have an abortion?

Why should the government subsidise people – mainly women I understand – who want to have an abortion?  I’m a great believer in the old adage “Do the crime, do the time” and in these days of advanced birth control and rampant sexual disease it’s just plain reckless for them to get themselves pregnant in the first place.

OK so Catholics don’t practise birth control …… but then they also outlaw abortion….  So that works out well and anyway that’s their problem.  The state shouldn’t interfere with religion any more than is absolutely necessary to express solidarity with their core beliefs and win over their support.

I have to hand it to the Muslims – not the extremists of course – but they do know how to deal with their women.  No expensive divorces for them.  Oh no, meet a new bed partner and all you have to do is relegate the old one into a spare room.  I have LOTS of spare rooms.  Melania’s still in pretty good shape so it’s a relatively mute point …. for now.

Although you have to wonder how they get to choose a new bride when all that’s on show through that otherwise shapeless Birqa is their eyes?  I’m a mug for a pretty face and sexy eyes as much as the next guy but what good are they when the lights are out?  Who would buy a new car based on a quick peek at just one fender?  That’s impressive salesmanship but there must be a lot of disappointed Muslim bridegrooms….   Maybe THAT’s why they allow multiple wives?

Pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) today.  We don’t need a trading club!  Instead we need to get down to some serious 1-on-1 negotiations with competing trading partners.  That’s one area where I’ve had a lot of experience and success and I’ll keep a close eye on progress.

 “1 on 1” seems like a joke when you look at the size of the negotiating team!  I always managed with a very small negotiating team and usually found a “take it or leave it” approach very efficient.  There’s a lot of slack in the executive branch generally so I’ve put a freeze on new recruitment.  We already have enough pert young interns and the others can just work a bit smarter or harder until the deadwood drop out.

 Two topics per day are a bit taxing and don’t leave much time or energy for Twitter! I’m gonna focus on only one topic per day for a while and see how that goes.


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