Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 28st July 2017

Usual Washington nonsense. Great Boy Scouts Jamboree that reminds me WE should have military parades.

Jeff Sessions is so beleaguered (I LIKE that word) that he hasn't bothered to investigate Clinton and any of her collusion with Russia.  Just saying.  Vlad and I have had many talks now and I think there could be something to look into.... nothing concrete - just intuition.  Just saying.

Jared did well I thought.  Not one - as he said himself - to court the public eye but he stressed his - and my - innocence.  Good job!  I could start issuing some Presidential pardons if there was anything to pardon - don't they realize that?

 Gave a great speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree... even if I do say so myself!  Started with "Who the hell wants to speak about politics?" as a warm-up and then proved that I want to speak about nothing else.  Masterful and worthy of Shakespeare!!  Parents complained afterwards .... but they were no doubt Democrats.

 Vlad's upset about the impending sanctions vote against Russia and who could blame him for firing a few verbal warning shots?  It's exactly what I'd do - DO do. I've told him I want a more conciliatory relationship but I just don't have his powers of "persuasion".

Following the passive-aggressive stance taken by the EU, and with a possible UK trip looming, I've Twitted out a carrot (UK) and a stick (EU) in the form of a potentially major trade deal with the UK.  It's called leverage and making them think whilst keeping them guessing is always a good policy!

Apple are playing it cool after I revealed that they'd promised 3 big new US plants - and I mean big, big, BIG!  But of course they don;t want to reveal too much or that would drive up prices in the prospective locations.  More jobs, manufacturing & business for America!!

Damn!! The House of Representative has just voted through increased sanctions against Russia!  Still another step to go but a step too far in my opinion.  We need to keep Russia onside!

 Foxcomm are investing $10 Bn in Wisconsin!

Now THAT's something to shout about, it's an incredible investment that just would not have happened under any other Presidency.. The firm's chief executive, Terry Gou, made the announcement at the White House in Washington on Wednesday.  He hasn't given details or timescales yet but it's a firm commitment and much to celebrate.

Instead of embracing and celebrating that, THEY'll probably kick up a storm because I've Twitted my intention to ban trans-genders from serving in the military.  .

We had all these arguments over cross-dressers using the wrong washroom.  Hello, It's called the MEN's room for a reason!  When you use the washroom you want to know that everybody's got the same kit - perhaps not as good but definitely the same "brand".  Worse in the military of course - where should they bunk??? No, the disruption would be too great and then there are extra medical costs for.. ...whatever and such. 

I suppose that'll be good news for even more lawyers.  On top of all that I've already achieved for industry, and tried to do for healthcare, nobody can surely deny the legal boom this country's enjoyed ever since I took office.




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