Trump.D Diary : Wednesday 25th January 2017

Illegal Immigrants, Mexico and Drugs

We all know that illegal immigrants undermine the labour market if they do actually work and if they don’t work then they’re stealing and/or selling drugs.  Almost none of them even speak English and more importantly none of them vote.

So it’s time we cracked down on illegal immigrants and the so-called “sanctuary cities” that undermine our country by offering them refuge and support.

With tougher enforcement and reporting we can deport shedloads of these parasites or maybe we should put them into work camps building that Southern Border Wall?

It all slots together nicely but while the Mexicans are refusing to fund the wall I’d better get rolling on congressional funding.  Mexico may think it’s our poor relation but they do very well out of cross-border trade – even ignoring trafficking of illegals and drugs – so they need to know which side their bread is buttered.

If the Mexican government would only crack down on drug cartels and seize their assets then they could fund the wall several times over – with change – and almost all of that money will have already come directly or indirectly from hard-working US citizens.

Perhaps – if they’re addicts – “hard-living” might be a better description of our affected population but if they must get drugs then at least let them be grown or made in the US and let’s make America great again!


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