TTHelp: Getting Started in TellTrail

Welcome to! Here are a few tips to get you started quickly and safely

These are the first steps we recommend for you  wink


1. Finish setting up your account

- Add a Profile Image - these are PUBLIC so please choose something iconic rather than personally identifying

- Add  Cover Image(s) - these are Privacy Controlled via Tools/Profile Privacy so they can be more personal

- Check and set Account and Profile Privacy options as you require - defaults are safety-first


2. Scan the Content Streams and the Tools options to get familiar with the range of facilities on offer


- scan the notes below for a bit of background on how TellTrail works for you

- start to set Personal Reminders for Birthdays and Anniversaries

- upload some of your images and organise them into albums


3. Build your own network

- INVITE all of your email contacts to join you in TellTrail (Tools/Invitations) as your TellTrail Contacts


4. Start sharing secure in the knowledge that TellTrail is the social media platform built to serve its members and communities with privacy, respect and integrity

-  free, ad free, app-free, zero-tolerance and zero-tracking

-  built on leading edge privacy & security





     Background Notes


Contacts & Friends

Your TellTrail Contacts are members you mutually recognise and consent to sharing the 2-way contact status which only allows you each to be in the other's list of Contacts which just acts like an Address Book

TellTrail encourages the use of anonymous usernames for security but you can assign a more meaningful Nickname e.g. "ken Smith" to any of your Contacts and that is how only you will see them online until you cancel the override.

Friend status is an assigned attribute, i.e. no consent required because your Friends are assigned by adding them to a Friend Group that you have created and named.

A Friend Group name is effectively no more than a label e.g. "Golf Buddies" that helps you address the group via mail or Privacy.

Any Contact can be included in any number of your Friend Groups.

There are NO additional privacy rights automaticaly conferred on your assigned Friends - they are just Contacts with referebce labels.


Privacy & Security

Whenever you post in TellTrail you always need to specify the Privacy that you want applied to that item.  This is a really easy process and you have the widest range of choices but always rest assured that your Privacy setting is rigidly enforced, i.e. nobody outside of your selected viewer population can see the item nor can a valid recipient share it onwards beyond your setting.

Safety - Zero Tolerance

We do not routinely overview your private posts but every viewer of any post in TellTrail has the opportunity to Report alleged misconduct or concerns and we have automatic processes in place to quickly quarantine the offending material pending further investigation.


Current Status / Activity

- Community Wall : Displays recent posts and upcoming events and reminders


                               Post HotLines directly in the Community Wall

                               Set up your own Personal Reminders via [Tools]

- Account Summary : Shows the status of your account, your posts and recent notifications


Content Streams

Content in TellTrail is segmented

Classifieds :     Adverts Buy, Sell, Hire or Donate anything For Free

Directory :*READ ONLY* Lookup recommended consumer services and charities

Events : See what’s on in your communities

Blogs : Share your views and experiences

News : Publish your community news

Jobs : *READ ONLY* See local jobs within recommended businesses

Polls : Poll community opinion via Quick or Detailed formats

Forums : Contribute hot topics for debate and discussion

Advice : Post Confidential requests for community advice

Lost & Found : Report Lost or Found articles


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