TTHelp: Images and Albums

Image handling and organisation in TellTrail

Default Albums

Upon registration each Member has only 3 (required) albums assigned.

All Images

Every image uploaded to or by this member resides in the All Images album.

Other representations merely link to these original images.

This includes any images directly attached to Content and any images "donated" into an Open Album

This is a Personal album.

Profile Images

Those images specifically uploaded or otherwise designated as Profile images

This is a Public album.

Cover Images

Those images specifically uploaded or otherwise designated as Cover images

This is a Restricted album.with a user-defined Privacy

Create or Edit User Albums

You can create as many user albums as you see fit.

Every album must have a name and a Privacy specification of who can view.

Within that viewship you may be offered a selection of who can add and if you select anything other than Personal then the album is an open album, i.e. someone else can contribute images.

Such "donated images" are added into your All Images collection and represented in the Open Album in the usual way.

They are then your images to manage as you see fit.

We have created sample member demo_002 with an open album (see attached) and you may wish to explore there.

Adding Images

Wherever you elect to Add Images, you will be offered choices

- My Albums

- Stock Images

- Upload Files

if applicable then also

- (already) Selected

Most of these should be self-explanatory but please note that we do have limits on file sizes and types as shown on the Import screens

For Imports, you can

- Override the image name pre-import

- Add a description

- Perform several select/upload cycles before finally selecting START of processing


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