Fallout 4 vs Skyrim

These kind of "built by level" games are fun the first time you play them, I think, But once you have
played thru a mission that's all there is to learn, Next time you start a new game and goto the same
mission, the enemies are always in the same place. Personally speaking about Skyrim, I find the
hardest level, legendary, to be fairly easy now i have played thru the game at least once as each of
the different races, For me the Argaonians ability to breath underwater and their fairly high base
sneak, Is my favourite character to play. I have developed some different ways of playing the game
to make things harder but still fun. I have also done the ignore the main game until i am at level
142 and have most of the perks in almost every category, turning you into a god like character that
can kill anything with just one hit. It's fun to figure out how to this, without cheating, But when
your at this crazy high level, playing the real game is kinda pointless.

Fallout4 is using the next iteration of the game engine used in Skyrim. I have given this a honest
shake, still has the same problems as every other game of this type, levels are the exact same every
play thru, The survival mode in this game is just stupid, I think that ammo has weight, is great,
no carrying 5000 rounds of every ammo type. If you had a faster method of travelling, Like in skyrim
you can buy a horse, This means you can still go a fair distance in a short time, without using the
map to "fast travel". Fallout4 survival mode stops you from using the "fast travel", so you have to
run from one area to another, this is just a pain later on, when you have to go from the top right
of the map, to the bottom left, It takes at least 30 mins to run that distance, you might get a bit
of combat or a new place to loot thru, but mainly you just hold down the run key, whilst doing
something else, i tend to read a book, Then you have maybe 10 mins of the same mission level, then
run back to some where else, like i said just stupid.

Thankfully, even before the official mod tools were released by the developers, Many different
people stuck their hands into the game files and (fixed) / changed loads of things. Turning the
game into what i think, should have been released by the developers themselves.

You do get the obvious mods, like a one hit kill weapon, or armour so strong your basically invincible.
Those "kiddie" mods are fine, some people can't live without them, i guess, Others introduced more
types of building parts and sensible weapons that were not god like. The most useful, for me, was the
ability to use the "fast travel", whilst playing on survival mode. That was a god send.

I got perhaps two months of "enjoyment" from this new game, then it kinda just faded away for me.
Been there done that, can't be bothered to do the same thing again and again. Skyrim lasted a little
longer, Mainly due to the "fantasy" setting, magic and sword fighting. This is what i wanted from
a DnD sort of game, the one before, Oblivion was not half bad either, the first play thru, then
there was no point, at least for me, playing thru on a diferent character, the flaws of the game
design were even more evident in the early engine. It did look stunning in it's day, but as for
most things in life, looks only get you so far, there has to be some depth too.


Do you play either of these two games?

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Yes - Skyrim
Yes - Fallout4
No - I don't play games


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