Trump - "YOU'RE HIRED!" - Reality TV goes to Washington

Donald Trump is the next President of the USA

So many across the world would have bet their shirts against that and yet the American People have spoken.

Trump talks of it being the American BRExit vote - of a population rising up to express their need for change and certainly Donald Trump is a breath of change!

Emerging from a campaign that's shown him to be as chauvinist, sexist, racist and downright daft as anything from reality television, he's triumphed over the kind of scandal that could've brought down previous presidencies and can now (quietly) say "Hilary, you're fired!"

Is this old businessman and seasoned TV star, now brand-new statesman a genius of PR or was the combination of establishment and distrust just too heavy a burden for Clinton?

He's already friends with President Putin so maybe he could be the "man of the moment" with the charisma to defuse regrowing East-West tensions.

Maybe the Muslim nations will warm to him as much as all the other segments of US population he so freely abused on the campaign trail.

Whether this Trump is really an ace or just the joker he appeared, only time will tell but for the next 4 years he's king of the hill and we have interesting times ahead.

Trump - Ace or Joker?

Final poll results: 28-days poll expired: 6 Dec 2016


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