Forget Boris - worry about British politics

Boris Johnson has been a shambles of a Prime Minister. A hesitant speaker and a complete scruff of a national representative. He'll do OK personally. Pease DON'T let him back!

During the Conservative leadership elections, whilst the country was facing a national economic disaster and neither of the two leading candidates had the power to do anything much, Boris Johnson who famously said he needed to stay in office to keep a "hand on the tiller" spent most of his time on holidays and seemingly none of it dealing with the nations's urgent problems.

As an ex Prime Minister he stands to make millions in book deals and speaking engagements even if he doesn't fall back on his extremely lucrative journalism career; so spare not a thought for Boris as he clearly doesn't deserve any concern.

As we now know Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister but isn't it a damning indictment of British politics that during the final stages of their leadership elections (allegedly) 40% of Conservatives were still in favour of keeping Boris !!!  That means that if the leadership battle was close-fought then Boris could still have been front-runner!! How STUPID is that?

Far from uniting her party under her new leadership, Liz ousted Rishi Sunak and pretty well all of his supporters from cabinet positions so what was THAT about?  Political cleansing or "toys for the boys" promises repaid? 

Only Her Majesty's sad demise has given some pause to urgent concern for the industrial tensions, economic crisis, runaway inflation, the Russianeconomic war and (still) BRExit issues that will immediatel challenge this "under new management" but quite disparate and divided government.

And despite this shambles of a Conservative party, Labour and Kier Starmer can't get a serious foothold.

I fear we could end up being governed by the raving loony party..... or maybe that's already happened!


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