Emotional: How do you know when it's over?

The first flush of romance inevitably fades and some of those "funny little" characteristics can cross over into irritation but when is enough enough?

Building a relationship isn't for the feint-hearted.

But when that initial investment of effort, accommodation and generosity of spirit is matched by the other person and fans the spark of mutual attraction then there's a "honeymoon" period where effort is no effort and life takes on a theme of fun and pleasure.

Later though, living together or not, the pressures of everyday life, family and other commitments can re-divert some of that energy and conversations can become much more practical and even in some aspects judgemental.

In short, the bloom of romance gives way to the practicality of friendship and the trials of partnership

Certainly life isn't meant to be all fun but I wonder just how fond is enough to keep pressing on?


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