Telltrail's Fair Usage Policy

Directory and Jobs entries are only available to non-personal account.

Additionally, some of the shared facilities have limits on the number of concurrently published items allowable per account type. These limits are subject to review and are intended to help ensure fair representation for all and deter potential abuse.

Account type

Content Facility Personal Gold Supplier Charity
Classifieds *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Directory *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Event *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Blog *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
News *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Jobs *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Poll *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Forum *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
Advice 11 *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited
L&F *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited *Unlimited

*Unlimited items have no pre-set limit but may become restricted in specific cases of misuse or abuse of this flexibility.

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