Finance: Credit card limits keep increasing on me!

I worked hard to manage my credit card debts but the card issuers keep putting up my limits!! Are they just trying to tempt me into debt again?

What's thir game?


    • TonyP
    • 30 Jan 2024
    • 12:06

    Correction:     .... your credit rating IS AFFECTED by what % of your available credit....

    • TonyP
    • 30 Jan 2024
    • 12:04

    You could just contact the card company and reject the credit limit increase and/or select the limit that suits you
    only YOU can manage your spending
    you could just ignore the limit and continue to use the card wisely .... or not at all
    that your credit rating by what % of your available crediit you actually use so the higher limit actuually helps increase your credit rating for whenever you might need something significant like a car loan or a mortgage in the future