Other...: New noisy neighbours

Well over four months ago now the flats in which I live had a changed of tenant in the flat above mine.

Things were all fine and pleasant for the first few weeks, but as time has gone by, the noise levels have increased to the point where I can still hear them through ear plugs. Not so much in the mornings 8am is far to early for them to be about, unless their still partying from the night before, but till 3 and 4 am, quite often with small children, I guess 5 to 7 from the sound of running and screaming that kids do when chasing about.

I have spoken to them in private, they seemed to be sincere when asked one afternoon, we bumped into one another in the stair well, I politely asked if they could hear me moving around in my flat opening doors, closing cupboards, they replied they never hear me, and thought I was not a home most of the time, so didn't realise that they were disturbing me, or the rest of the block, apparently and said they would keep in mind they aren't the only ones living here.

As the weeks dragged on, one morning about 1:30, they came home, doors slamming, banging on walls etc. after 20 or so mins of this, having been woken up in the first place, I went and knocked on their door. When they opened it, At first they stated they were sorry for waking me up, when I replied that they had done it most nights that week, I had a whole lot of abuse hurled at me, about how they would make as much F*****g noise as they like and if I keep pestering them to keep the noise down I would be sorry.

I have spoken to the other people living in the block about their dealings with them, but no one is willing to “rock the boat”.

Speaking to my estate agent from whom I rent has also been pointless, unless they rent that flat there is nothing they can do about the noise levels.

Do I take this to the next level and get the police involved?

I don't see why we, the rest of us living in this block, should have to put up with them. Surly we have the right to peace and quiet in the places where we live?

Get the police involed?

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Why go thru the hassle, just move.


  • Go to the Council, not the police. They have a noise control team who will help you and if necessary they will involve the police. If all else fails, try waking them up at 7.30 then again at 8.00 and again at 8.30 etc.

  • The same situation is in front of my building at the General Draza Mihailovic Square. There is some kind of grill or similar that makes noise every f****** day. Should I hit them with some solid fruit or  vegetables or take a gun to cease the noise?