BBC Bargain Hunt - Freshen it up and support charities?

Perfect for the aged and those with amnesia

The format is

Two teams of two compete to make the highest profit (or lowest loss) from their purchase of 2 items within a budget of £300

There is usually a buying challenge of e.g. "something musical"  and a "big spend" challenge that one purchase must be for £75 or more

Each team has one hour with an expert advisor and must have at least £1 change after shopping

Because the expert then has to buy something within that "leftover lolly"


1. We watch each team amass their 3 purchases

2. We get reminded what they each bought

3. Every contestant is asked to name their favourite purchase and also that which they think will make the biggest profit

4. Then  we see all the items again as the week's auctioneer assesses their likely value

5. Finally we get to see how the items actually perform at auction

If all 3 items make at least £1 profit each then the team wins a "Golden Gavel" badge

This is the real prize of the show !

Any accumulated profits are awarded to each team in cash

And the team with final highest profit/least loss is declared winner (of.... nothing!)


Some presenters are more natural than others but one is like a mini-marionette with exaggerated speech and mannerisms yell


I find it's usually only worth watching from 30 mins in - i.e. at the auction itself until just before the obligatory kick


It wouldn't kill the BBC to put up another £300 per episode for the winners' nominated charity

Adding the value of all final profits from both teams

With Doubled profit (if any) from each team's top tip for profit

Then at least nominating a top tip for profit and actually winning the program have some meaning.


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