Christmas is coming!

Visiting any discount store or supermarket from October onwards will soon convince you that garden goods are "non-seasonal" and the real shopping season is already "Christmas"

But maybe this isn't so bad this year when budgeting and home management are proving so difficult due to limited and stretched resopurces

We have time - so use it wisely!

Think about who you need to buy presents for, make a list of them and then really think about things they like and would be most pleased to receive.
i.e. invest more thought rather than mere expense into your gifts

Try to have options if possible

Shop around, scan online and be alert fro bargain opportunities including Black Friday and other sales offers

Check out whatever decorations you propose to use
so that you have early warning of necessary replacements and top-ups 
then you have time to shop around!

Think about your holiday fayre
most people vastly over-cater for the holiday period so try to keep it sensible and reasonable for your budget
then you have time to shop around for these items too - but do check the sell-by dates actually cover your needs!

Make these holidays among your happiest by
* keeping the pressure off - or at least low
* planning ahead
* budgeting sensibly
* communicate - nobody expects or wants you to struggle or take on seasonal debts so don't feel embarrassed

Remember that TIME, FUN and LAUGHTER are more important than any material gift
And make better memories

Have a Very Merry Christmas!
if only to spite Putin


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