EKIN ELL! Whatever will Ekin-Su get up ... or DOWN ... to next?

This self-styled actress and voice impersonator (don't give up the day job!) made many viewers cringe as she TWICE crawled to cheat on Davide with Jay Will karma prevail???

When challenged by Davide she lied about the incident and then spectacularly turned everything around to be Davide's fault for "being disresp[ectful" surprised

Adding no credit to her acting career she then proceeded to act tearful and hurt at Davide's accusations and even later had the temerity to look shocked when he said he was left with no feelings for her.

After that - and entirely at her choosing through the ladies-choose coupling ceremony - she's coupled with Jay and of course would be livid if he so much as looked at another girl, never mind slinking off for some secret trial kisses.

But maybe karma is looming because Jay isn't so keen and is already fishing for a chance to 'explore' his interest in Paige.


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    • TonyP
    • 23 Jun 2022
    • 12:11

    At least she's a good source of drama!