God Save - and please Keep - Our Queen

Her Majesty is finally having to "dial down" her public engagements and at 95 years of age who could blame her. But what is the fate of the Monarchy if left to Charles?

Her Majesty The Queen has done a fabulous job of service and duty through many difficult years.

And has single-handedly preserved the British Monarchy as a respected and valued institution.

We could wish she'd continue for another 50 years....

But - come the time - should Charles stand aside?

The young Prince Charles was known as a bit of a joker - or a voluntary goon

He enraged architects with his outspoken criticisms

And has really struggled in the shadow of his father, Prince Phillip

But he really lost public sympathy over Diane

And his infatuation with Camilla  - who can ever forget "tampon-gate"?

Admittedly the job of Prince of Wales is never an easy burden to bear

Are we really so accepting of Charles as King or Camilla as the potential King's consort?

Wouldn't the Monarchy fare better under William?

Handsome, popular, never embarrassing

With a gorgeous potential Queen and an established family

What's NOT to like?

Or - more to the point - to respect and revere?

Should Prince Charles step aside so that William succeeds the Queen?

Final poll results: 28-days poll expired: 23 Dec 2021


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