If you can't kill the drug trade then kill off the demons

Joe Biden's move to retrospectively legalise personal use of marijuana COULD be the first big step in overcoming the war on drugs

Marijuana does have medicinal properties and it is one of the softe drugs in common use and abuse so it has long been the focus of campaigns for legalisation.

This move to legalise persoanl marjuana will undoubtedly remove a significant amount of activity and concern in the never-ending drug wars.  Of course some will claim that marijuana is just the thin end of the wedge and that its legal use will encourage more youngsteers into harder and more dangerous drug use.

But anti-drug campaigners shoudl finally recognise - as the drug cartels do - that the war on drugs, as traditionally fought, is totally unwinnable.

Consumer demand is just too buoyant in spite of the high costs and risks of arrest and exposure.

Meanwhile the illegal drug supply chain is frought with murder and mayhem in pursuit of easy money.  On the ground, this war is real enough with law enforcement across the whole supply chain spending millions and losing lives to achieve only a very limited success.

The real and only ultimate solution is to legalise and regulate recreational drug use.

Serve the market with reliable, genuine product combined with facilities and services for education and rehabilitation funded by sales and  savings in law enforcement.

That is the only way to remove demand from the gangs and cartels currently making misery and millions.

Some might actually find decent jobs.  Many will focus their efforts on the people trafficking and slave prostitution that have reached epidemic levels in recent years.

Prostitution is as old as mankind it seems and certianly older than the drug trade.

So for consenting adults, why not legalise and regulat that too?

Then law enforcement could really concentrate on dealing with the totally unacceptable crimes of paedophilia and kidnapping



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