LOVE ISLAND AFRICA - The Hyenas Run Free - Final week gloves are OFF!

Who hasn't heard of Love Island, the runaway reality TV show where dishy dolls and ripped hunks try to find true lurve - and/or to launch themselves as celebrities

After weeks of tormented emotions,  no doubt periods of mind-numbing boredom (off screen) and games set to ensure a few ruffled feathers, the surviving couples are entering the final week with relief and a heightened sense of competitiveness for the big prize of £50K and he bigger prize of boosted celebrity.

It has been faascinating to observe how 20-somethings play the dating/mating game and more than a bit cringe-worthy to see the amount of abandoned snogging involved in the organised games.  Admittedly the term "snog" is in the instructions but when it has suited the players to do so that has been interpreted as little more than a peck so why they needed to share copious amounts of saliva with up to a string of 3 random partners is beyond cringe.

Tanya got into trouble from Shaq over that very issue when she and Shaq were supposedly already in a committed exclusive relationship but Tanya went proudly tongue-probing around the entire male cast.

It's just a game!

This is the common retort for a complete suspension of normal restraints with the unwritten rule that what happens INSIDE a game is beyond reproach but that's already shown to be a selective rule and the whole CASA AMOR journey is really little more than an intensive 3-day game/test wher ethe final decision should really count but THAT is very much up for scrutiny - especially with the excriuciating details being revealed in film night!

Whatever happened to snogging!?

I remember and still experience snogging aka French-kissing as a mutually intimate but frankly water-tight and virtually silent oral exploration!  These guys really seem to go for maximum tongue exposure and smacking noise that seems designed for nothing better than maximum viewer experience.  We can only be grateful to be spared close-up shots of the inevitable dribble-trails!

Anyway, back to the final week!

Suddenly everyone's talking about everyone else in hushed tones until some whistle-blower steps up to advise the target of what's been said "as a close and honest friend"!  Of course there's a rising degree of nervous excitement, speculation and competition in the villa but now nobody understands or misunserstands and every little thing gets blown up out of all proportion as devious, game-playing or of mal-intent!

At this stage, everybody's in their couples and supposedly trying to establish those relayionships to a level that could survive the after-show freedom and temptations but the level of idle gossip, speculation and judgement has already got out of hand and reached very ugly proportions.

Have none of them heard about Whispering Galleries where "send reinforcements, we're going to advance" becomes "send 3 and 4 pence, we're going to a dance" or is th eplaying really getting unhinged from the game?  Nobody seems to be playing this week - it's all getting deadly serious!!


    • tony
    • 14 Mar 2023
    • 11:07

    Congratulations to Kai & Sanam on winning the show and £50K
    The combination of a late start, trouble-free, devoted relationship won through ! cool