Microsoft Calling (SCAM!)

Microsoft called to say that my system had reported virus infection

He  said that he was from Microsoft and that they had detected virus presence on my computer so he was calling to give me instructions on how to remove the virus threat.
I thought he - and the idea - sounded pretty dodgy but when I checked for my Kaspersky anti-virus software it wasn't running.... or on the system at all!

I have a multi-PC license and was sure I'd installed Kaspersky but there it was - missing!

Meanwhile I hung up the phone while I considered the situation :-

- how would my PC report a virus attack to Microsoft?

- how would Microsoft even have my telephone number related to that PC?

and the clincher.............

- when do Microsoft ever take a free, pro-active role in support????

Anyway I installed Kaspersky (replacing Microsoft Essentials) and did a full system scan - just 3 AdWare hits which I deleted.

All the time I was doing this my phone kept ringing - "Microsoft" ringing back.........from a withheld number!

It was obviously a scam of some sort.

I don't know what they would have had me do but it sure as hell would've meant exposing my system in some way.

It's easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment - especially when some fear-factor is introduced - but if they're ringing you there's no assurance that they are who they say.
Even if they have you ring back make sure you get a clean ringtone - better yet dial a different number first (even your own) to be sure you are actually being connected to the number dialled.
Phone scams are as easy as they are sleazy so be be careful and if it doesn't make sense do not be rushed into anything.


Have you eceived a similar phone scam?

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