Thieves are everywhere so be sure to lock up and hide temptations

Thieves may be brazen and/or desperate for easy money or their next fix o don't leave temptation on view in your car or your house. And make sure everything is locked securely!

What could be worse than finding your car has been stolen or ransacked and vandalised?

How about hearing some intruders inside your home at night!?

Grabbing a golf club or a baseball bat and going to investigate is all very well in the movies but you would have no idea of what threat you're actually confronting.

Thieves are opportunists so the best option is always to avoid providing temptation and/or opportunity to would-be thieves.

Leave cars empty and make sure everything is locked securely.

If you DO hear intruders then

- call the police - dial 999 - give the address and state "intruders on site" for best response

- do as instructed by the 999 operator

- do NOT confront intruders if at all possible

- quietly assemble the family in one room and barricade the door

- wait for police attendance

- if really worried then make as much noise as possibe to scare intruders and alert neigbours

Mainly stay safe and avoid being a victim


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