When INCLUSION becomes descriminatory EXCLUSION

Political Correctness has a tendency to be Pusillanimous Over-Correction i.e. showing a lack of courage or determination

Timidly applying positive descrimination in favour of 'minorities' - clearly - does nothing to end descrimination

it merely reverses it!

OK I get it!  Everyone should enjoy equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, religeon or sexuality.

But now I fear the pendulum may have swung too far.


Is it really necessary or representative that on current TV / media

- so may Parliamentary political commentators are Scottish or Welsh? - Didn't devolusion happen?

- every panel - of any size - includes at least one "ethnic"?

- the boss characters in new dramas are now mainly "ethnic"?

- reality TV contestants include "ethnics" and invariably a gay desperate to mention their lesbian wife or gay husband?


Before anybody screams FOUL!

I am NOT a misogynist, homophobe or a racist

but if these on-screen TV "populations" are truly repesentative then somebody urgently needs to publish that latest census results!


Otherwise do we have to look forward to dramas including an "ethnic" Dickens, Shakespeare or Churchill??

I also accept that drama is art and that art is allowed to challenge convention but blatant over-compensation in these

challenged times is descrimination and could potentially inflame a reciprocal knee-jerk reaction.

So PLEASE keep it representative, with clear equal opportunity based on skill or merit and don't use the excuse of

artistic license for descrimination in ANY direction.

And BTW I personally regard the "artistic license" of an unmade bed or a pickled sheep as less artistic than lazy and intellectually offensive


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