TuttiFrutti Ice Cream

Location: Clacton, GB

Ice Cream at TuttiFrutti's means Happiness. Families are welcome and parties can be catered for - come and visit, stay for a taster and you WILL be back!

In 2005, Mike M. was made redundant from a decent but boring job in the city.  With time and a bit of extra cash on his hands, Mike decided to follow his passion for ice cream!  Starting small from his own kitchen, Mike experimented with various ice-cream and milkshake recipes and compared the product with premium shop-bought alternatives until he had produced something that he could really be proud of - and could really enjoy tasting.

Then it was time to get some public reaction.  And the reaction was amazing!  Public reaction and the sheer number of regular customers forced Mike to open his first high-street location and subsequently to contiinue expanding to meet customer demands.

Not only has Mike expanded his location but the menu has now grown to include

quality coffees, home-baked cakes and scones, fruit juices and smoothies

all in addition to the original and famous ice-cream and milkshakes.



                  Come and see our DIY ice-cream buffet!                      


Choose your size and type of container

Choose from our wide range of ice creams and frozen yoghurts

Add your choice of toppings:-

sauces, fruits, flakes, wafers, choc-straws etc



    We are happy to cater for all kinds of celebration

  within your budget  

Give us a call and give them a treat to remember!  


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