Energy vs Climate Is Nuclear Fusion really the answer?

Recent advances suggest that commercial power generaion by nuclear fusion could be possible within the foreseeable fuure.

BBC Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy

GUARDIAN Nuclear fusion heat record a ‘huge step’ in quest for new energy source

Nuclear Fusion is the process that powers our sun

But to emulate that process on earth needs 10x the sun's temperature to compensate for the lower pressures here

That is, it needs to run at temperatures of more than 100 MILLION DEGREES C

Great for heat transfer & power generation perhaps....

BUT what about that effect on global warming?

Forbes Can Nuclear Fusion Generate Unlimited Emissions-Free Energy?

It may be (virtually) emission free energy

but each of the new generators will operate

by pushing massive amounts of extra heat

into our - already critical - atmosphere

Isn't THAT something to be concerned about?


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