Revolutionary health breakthrough. Watch Out! Their lips are moving..

Clearly there's a "golden" format to these looooooooooooooooong video sales pitches

State your own qualifications and charitable mission

Promise something wonderful and very desirable

Point out that it's from natural ingredients that the whole medical profession has overlooked

Quote a number of other qualified positive reviews

Quote a number of customer reviews and success stories

Cover all of that at least once again to build belief and expectation

State how much the product is REALLY worth - shock, horror, gasp!

Announce a special deal for quick responders

Enhance that deal with extra offers of some kind

Repeat last item

Repeat the list of benefits and savings

Finally get to a price

Save on orders of 2 or more...


And all the while a sequence of little popup announcements tell you that some so-and-so from some-somewhere-else has just purchased!

I for one am tired of all this BS


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