Post Office / Horizon / Fujitsu REMUNERATION & COMPENSATION

I watched some coverage of the public enquiry re Post Office / Horizon

and the question arose about compensation

which Alan Bates correctly asserted should be REMUNERATION

of funds misappropriated by the Post Office

But there's more surely :-

Remuneration for

- Lost investment in sub-post office setup

- Losses erroneously claimed by Horizon

- Fines and Litigation expenses incurred

CALCULABLE Compensation for

- Loss of earnings

ESTIMABLE Compensation for

- False imprisonment

- Loss of social standing

- Mental anguish

- Family Suffering

-- Prolonged prevarication and disinformation

The real guilty and complicit should certainly be punished, executive bonuses reclaimed and individuals called to account under the law and while we accept that NOTHING can completely redress these injustices let Parliament do its best to recognise the full scale of impact caused by the Post Office and Fujitsu and to apply PROMPT redress at the earliest possible date.


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