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The society often uses punishment to discourage unlawful activities by indiscipline actors. In fact, the community is highly interested in preventing crime and murder in the society. As such, it should employ the toughest possible punishment to deter potential criminals and murderers. The death penalty is one of the effective sanctions, and is the highest degree of punishment. If anyone, who commits murder, is sentenced to death by the court of justice that is executed by the administration. The very punishment of death penalty will make the potential murderer think twice before killing his target, because he would fear the consequences of murdering.

Criminologists affirm that, courts would save a significant number of lives if they deter criminals from committing murder by setting examples of sentencing death penalty to proven murderers.

 In other words, the society should support the death penalty to prevent and minimize murder cases in the future. Despite the fact that, some studies about deterrence are inconclusive, that is because some states rarely use capital punishment. Moreover, some states take a long time before executing the death penalty.

Nevertheless, the majority agree that, punishment is not only a swift, but also a sure way of deterring people from engaging in delinquency activities. Moreover, the fact that some countries and states that do not utilize death penalty as capital punishment have lower rates of murder than the ones that use the sentence does not imply that deterrence is ineffective.

It is important to understand that, states experiencing high crime rates would even have higher rates of killing if they did not employ the death penalty. Criminologists and other crime experts concur that, although statistical evidences are inconclusive, and perhaps might not be, the death penalty is likely to deter criminals more than any other punishment.

Such argument is valid because people fear death more than anything else. Moreover, people mostly fear death that the law deliberately inflicts and the court schedules. Most likely, whatever people fear would deter them from engaging in unlawful activities.

As such, capital punishment threat is likely to deter most murderers who would otherwise not have been deterred by any other action. Indeed, the death penalty is the only punishment that can prevent inmates already serving life sentences and tempted to kill guards.

Similarly, capital punishment is the only penalty that can deter offenders about to be arrested and facing life sentences. Some people feel that the punishment might not prevent such individuals from engaging in crime. However, nothing else can prevent those people from committing a crime.

Finally, the capital punishment further deters already executed murderers. Ideally, the death penalty is a form of incapacitation similar to the way the court prevents robbers in prison from robbing people in the streets.

Countries are forced to kill vicious murderers to stop them from killing more people, either in the society or prison. Both as a permanent incapacitation and a form of punishment, people should support the death penalty, sentenced by the Court of Justice, to prevent crime in the future.

Support the death penalty?

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