Single Parenting IS a choice AND should be a luxury

In these post-pandemic, post-BRExit days of inflation so many newsy airtime minutes are dedicated to the subject of poverty.

Almost invariably the example scenarios involve some ludicrous comnination of ...

an obese person who declares they can no longer afford to eat

or a single mother of so many children that she cannot work

Obesity, gluttony and diabetes are self-inflicted condirions that are costing the Health Service billions of pounds that surely should be better spent on more "innocent" cases of pain and disease.  Poor lifestyle and poor choices are well understood and should not be facilitated by the NHS any more than the NHS shoudl settle the bedbound obese person's Deliveroo account.

To err is human but to recklessly breed a tribe of fatherless children is an abomination!  Any decent parent understands that having children is a big and expensive commitment.  Many families limit themselves to a number that isn't necessarily their ideal but one they expect to be supporting from birth through higher education, marriage and beyond.

Admittedly relationships can be fickle and genetic fathers can quickly prove themselves irresponsible.  But fool me once..... why do these women have 3,4,5 or even 6 or more children - and usually it seems by different fathers!


Ed Stafford's Channel 4 S1 E1 proramme "60 Days in the Estates" shows great sympathy for 2 women , each with 6 children and each living in tiny COUNCIL flats.  Yes, at least one of the families was suffering ongoing damp/mould issues and related health problems in her youngest children despite a doctor's letter receommending re-housing.  Disgustiong you might think...?  But

That mother was refusing temporary re-housing during COUNCIL repairs in order to insist on a new permanent  COUNCIL home.i.e. the MOTHER is deliverately risking her child's health in a game of brinkmanship with the Council.

There was only a fleeting mention that her "latest ex-partner was contributing towards child maintenance".  How much?? And what about the others???

The Council has a 10-year waiting list!  Why?  Diminished housing stock perhaps but surely also a BIG rise in multi-single mothers who CHOOSE to drain public funds and resources in order to put more deprived, disadvantaged kids into education and ultimately into a society that they have been bred to resent and selfichly bleed.


Like so many things, the Welfare State is being brutally abused by "professional" mothers and irresponsible fathers.

It's time that society drew limits. 

Record the DNA of every mother and child seeking extra benefits and at least every suspected offender with a view to TRACKING THE FATHERS AND MAKING THEM ACCOUNTABLE for their offsping.  Garner wages, dock benefits and make them act more responsibly.


Decent society is surely getting sick of the "poor me" syndrome and VERY sick of fotting that bill


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