Childish, annoying, smug, embarrassing IDIOT DRIVER !

Driving into the grounds of a popular cut-price supermarket today, I manoevred into a vacant bay opposite the store entrance that I'd seen from a distance.

However, the vehicle to my right was so badly parked - a good foot over the space markings - that I had no choice but to continue driving  through to another bay further out.

This would have been annoying at the best of times but I'm a pensioner suffering from trapped nerves in my spine that make it painful to walk any distance.

As luck would have it, and by complete coincidence, the shoppers for the badly parked car had by now returned, with her and the shopping in the car and him headed back from returning their shopping trolley.

Obviously he'd seen the extra inconvenience his bad parkking had caused and I heard him singing "I love to drive in my car" as he returned my angry look  whilst our paths took us past opposite sides of his car.

He looked about 30 and may love to drive but he sure as hell is useless at parking and has no shame or consideration for others.

We all screw up sometimes and so a simple word or raised hand of apology or basic acknowledgement is all it takes to keep harmony.

Not for this guy!  Having got into the driver's seat on the opposite side from where I was passing he craned over his no doubt embarrassed passenger in order to glare at me a little longer!

With my left arm passing close to the passenger side window I only wish I had clenched and waggled my fist in the time-honoured gesture of recognition for his outrageous behaviour.


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