Do you backup?

I recently had a bit of a scare – our website was down and I couldn’t log in to find out what had happened.

All sorts of things went through my head; had we been hacked? Forgotten to pay our bill? Had the server company messed up?

As it turned out it was a simple script error that was easily fixed but it certainly gave me pause for thought.

How would I go about restoring a backup?

Did we even have a backup?

They are the sort of questions that as owners of IT assets we need to think about.

But something else occurred to me – how often do we make backups of other things?

I knew of course that we’d gone to the nth degree with our client data. It’s the one area I felt confident about.

But then I naturally thought about IT type resources such as word documents and scans.

Then I thought about all the other things that I use in my day to day work.

What would happen if we had a fire and I lost all the paperwork in the office? How would I even set about starting to rebuild?

I realised that a lot of the information that I’d need. Such as the name and telephone number of our insurers were kept in the office!

We’re safe now but it’s a point worth thinking about for your business and home life. If there was a disaster how would you go about starting again?


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