My boyfriend's gift - Unlocking Mediumship Skills

Before I start, I understand that everyone’s belief systems are different, I am not trying to push my moral fabric, beliefs or values onto anyone but I just want to tell this story

I am simply giving an account on what was possibly one of the most fantastically special, yet to some people strange, moments of my life to date.

Personally, my belief system is that I am a spiritualist. Believing in the brotherhood of man, that there is an afterlife by means of a spirit realm and the other principles of spiritualism, which I will write about another time. Services at a spiritualist church aren’t fronted by a vicar or a priest or anything of that nature. They are fronted by a medium and a regular at the church who guides you through the services with “hymns” and readings. The “hymns” don’t refer to God in any way, rather the divine spirit.

In a spiritualist church, there is no God, just a divine spirit that guides us, almost like a higher power.


So, after an extremely brief explanation of spiritualism, I’ll go more in depth in a later post, I can discuss what happened last night.


I was in my local spiritualist church with my boyfriend, his mum and his aunt. Since we got together, me going to the church has stemmed their intrigue and now we all go together. It’s really nice to have that bond with people that want to learn or believe but didn’t know where to go to learn more and I have been able to guide them in the right direction. We saw an extremely animated medium, who was possibly one of the best I have ever seen in my life. His details were so intricate they could not have been known by anyone other than the person he was talking to. Keep in mind there are no stooges in a spiritualist church. Toward the end of the service, the medium pointed directly at my boyfriend and said “I want to talk to you young man”. He looked terrified. He was the biggest sceptic of them all six months ago. (Hold that piece of information, it bares significance later). The medium asked if me and him were related. He said no. He didn’t confirm I was his girlfriend as the whole church were on strict instructions to only give yes or no answers, as he was there to give information not to receive it. A classic sign of a good medium. He then went on to point at my boyfriend’s mum and asked straight away asked if they were mother and son. She said yes and my boyfriend was asked to go and sit next to his mum.


He was told straight away his Grandad, who passed away 16 years prior, was in the room. He managed to keep a straight face, devoid of emotion, which shocked me. His grandad went on to say very specific things like he had a sister. My boyfriend said no. The medium said there’s a child in spirit and looked at his mum and she nodded her head. I had no idea. that he has an interest in baking. (We’ve been baking together ever since we met) and as a result he is on a strict instructions to make a treacle tart for himself, to not share with anyone, with absolutely no assistance. For me, as the more experienced baker, it will be most entertaining. He was told off about crooked photo frames and to get them straightened up, and to sort out his nan’s garden as it’s a mess (his nan’s garden is a shithole, I won’t lie). Giving him jobs was something we all found funny, as the whole family are all always calling him asking to do odds and sods around their house from unblocking drains to putting shelves up. You name it – my boyfriend gets asked to do it. Then the big bit came: my boyfriend was told he had “the gift”. That means the gift of mediumship. I was so taken aback. Given his scepticism six months ago I was shocked. So happy, yet shocked all the same. His grandad then proceeded to tell him to work on his gift.


So, he was given very specific instructions. I was glad he came as I knew damn well his grandad would present himself as we’d seen his great uncle (so his brother) the day before. We got out the church and my boyfriend’s mum confirmed she had a child in spirit due to a termination she’d had some 30 years prior. My boyfriend then dropped the bombshell that he knew because he had a dream about it two weeks ago. He looked somewhat perplexed that this had happened. My face dropped then his mum and I looked at each other. We drove home quite quietly. No tension. It was quite peaceful.


A few hours later, I spoke to my aunt about it all, a fellow spiritualist, and she said it’s obvious that he has the gift because of his more quiet nature and the ability to just watch and take things in. How could I not have seen it? The closest person to him! She suggested guided meditation, and that she would show him how and help him to meditate when we next see her, which is between Christmas and New Year. I ended the phone call and he smiled and we both knew that my aunt was extremely proud of the openness he’s displayed over the last six months and what it had resulted in. He’d openly said he thought it was all a load of rubbish and didn’t believe in any of it, thinking it was fraud. He said at this point his mind was starting to change.


We then went on to go to bed. I suggested he put a guided meditation video on YouTube for him to get an idea as to what it is like. So, we put on on the television so he could get a taste for what it was like. We then meditated together. I’ve been seeing a pair of polkadot shoes for weeks now. This time I saw more, a yellow dress and shoulder length brown hair. This was nothing compared to what I was about to encounter.


I must have fallen asleep toward the end of my meditation and my boyfriend shook me awake, sobbing.

He said he’s been up talking to someone for the last five minutes. I asked who it was and he said it was his grandad at the end of the bed! He was talking to him. In mediumship, you don’t tend to talk out loud, you talk through thoughts, like when you’re in the supermarkets and you really want someone to hurry up at self service and you say it in your head. The cat’s ear started flicking. It was his grandad stroking the cat! He said he sounded angry when he was talking about his nan. Following that he said he saw a table in front of his grandad as he said “I’ll have my brother soon.” (My boyfriend’s great uncle) On the table, there was a bottle of brandy. One of the glasses, his grandad was drinking from. The other one had a reserved card next to it. He was effectively sat at the table waiting for his brother to arrive. He’s quite poorly at the moment and we’ve been debating whether or not this winter is going to be too much for him. Based on this message, it seems so.


Then, he said he saw a bottle of Budweiser fly across the room and smash against the wall. My boyfriend went on to say to me “someone wants to make their presence known.” He never found out who it was that threw that bottle of Budweiser, but, I have my suspicions. Then, he asked me to clarify what was on the television. I just said it was a yellow screen. That isn’t what he was seeing. He saw a brick building with an archway with a tattered plaque with only the word “boys” being readable on it. His grandad said “Nobody in the family is to go here or find out more about where I’ve been. My life began when I met your nan.” My boyfriend very quickly cottoned on that this was the orphanage that his grandad grew up in.


He was so tired after all of this. This wasn’t everything that happened. Just the key facts off the top of my head, that and some things should be kept private. It was one of the most magical things I have ever seen. He then went on to say “OK, this thing is real”. I was overjoyed. I hadn’t pushed anything on him. He knew it was something I found comfort in following the death of my dad and I think he saw the potential for him to get the same comfort. It seems he has.


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