Paparazzi - The despicable edge of free speech

The tabloid press consistently attracts well-deserved criticism for "creative" journalism but it seems that EVERY news outlet employs the baying hounds that yell and harrass

We see then every day on almost every news feature

They hang around doing nothing much until their target emerges and then they spring to life, pressing against and over each other,camera- and/or microphone-waving and yelling rhetorical questions that we all know will never get answered.

Politicians and celebrities learn to cope with these aggressive tirades and intrusions that "go with the territory"

But ordinary people berieved or merely accused - perhaps only realted to the accused are not so trained and hardened but these so-called jouranalists cut them no slack and are certainly not above asking

"How do you feel about your wife / child / husband's murder?"

This kind of badgering led to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and unboubtedly adds to the burden of traumatic shock for those civilians unfortunate enough to find themselves in the news.

Berieved, cofused or just innocent until proven otherwise, surely these people need protection?

You never know when it could be you or someone you love....

Should we make anti-basgering laws to limit paparazzi harrassment?

Final poll results: 28-days poll expired: 17 May 2022


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