An Early Warning Missed - The Big Move

Moving in together had never been planned. Let alone getting married. These were HIS decisions and I just went along

Which is why living with someone after so many years of living either alone or with a female friend came as so much of a shock. If we had discussed things first and started out in a place of our own, that’s one thing.


But, to have my space invaded, now THAT is something else entirely


So, we had been to London that week on a city break, stayed in a beautiful little hotel in Paddington, went to London Zoo, saw The Woman in Black at the theatre and other things that I can’t remember. The one thing I do remember is that I wasn’t allowed on the London Eye as it was “pointless and cost too much”. I still haven’t been on it to this day. That’s beside the point.


As I’ve said to you before, we already worked together. So when we went to work the following morning telling our friends he’d moved in over the weekend everyone was in shock. Including me! So it happened like this:


Getting home from London on the Wednesday Evening, he went back home to his mother’s and I went back to my flat as was normal for us. We had the rest of the week off so didn’t see each other for a couple of days. Course, there was the incessant calling and non stop text messages. I thought that was just love back then and I felt strangely wanted. Then Saturday came, and all fell silent. I heard nothing for hours. My calls weren’t being answered, my texts were being ignored. Nothing. Anxiety started to take over. Was he breaking up with me without telling me? Had I done something to upset him? Keep in mind I was already jumping through hoops to make this man happy and treading on eggshells half the time. It got to about 5pm and the phone rang.


It was March, so it was cold and dark outside. There was no hello at the other end of the phone. All I got was “So are you going to help me move my stuff in then?”. After that, he swiftly hung up. I lifted the sash window and looked down only to see him with the boot of his car open, rammed with all of his worldly possessions. I didn’t know what to think. Regardless, I started crying. I bolted down the stairs. I couldn’t speak. I think I was happy. Or shocked. Possibly both in equal measure. Looking back, it’s not because he wanted me. It was because he wanted to love somewhere better than on the council estate with his mother. Let me take the opportunity to say that I don’t look down on council estates, but I was married to a man who sees a house, car, watches and jewellery as status symbols. So, moving in with me to the location I was in gave his better status. So, he was happy as Larry, I was wondering what on earth was going on when all his stuff was on the living room floor.

With no effort made to unpack, he just sat on my sofa and said:


“What’s for dinner babe?”


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