How many still want to leave the EU now?

The damage to the pound, to investment, to the banks and to building trades were predictable outcomes of a BRExit vote but some are surprised and some regret their "protest" vote

It seems that every day there's a new TV or radio documentary trying to guess the real effects of BRExit but people are still just guessing.

What we do know is that the UK is completely shrouded in uncertainty with a change of PM leading to a possible general election and with renewed calls for Scottish independence.

The world markets hate uncertainty and values - the pound, stocks and so much more - shrink accordingly to leave businesses shelving planned investments and the building trades in a recession.

On such a major issue I am amazed that such a slender vote should leave the country in this position totally against the wishes of 48% of the voting public.

OK so it's a democracy you say and even only one vote was enough.

But it seems many of the exit voters thought they were registering no more than a protest vote.  Many others voted against immigration - or for the curtailment of it in future.... something not actually dependent on EU exit.  Others even thought no further than the poll and are now regretting that their foreign holidays will be so much more expensive. 

Many of out ex-pats now enjoying life and retirement across the better EU climates will now be wishing they'd registered their vote and not relied on a common-sense outcome.

Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead for an independent UK.  They don't know now and they didn't have a clue before the vote. 

The only certainty of BRExit is the uncertainty of BRExit and the damaging effect that has on anything UK in the world marketplace.

So how many really want to run the gauntlet of BRExit now that the dust has begun to settle?

With a general election beckoning in order to ratify the possible leader of BRExit would any party be brave enough to campaign on "a vote for us is a vote to REMAIN"???



Who STILL wants the UK to leave the EU?

Final poll results: 28-days poll expired: 2 Aug 2016


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