Owen Paterson was judged to have broken the rules of conduct and faced appropriate censure - THEN they tried to change the rules! WHAT IS GOING ON ???

Owen Paterson received over £100,000 a year from big business for several years

Not an issue as it was recorded

But he was judged to have exploited his position unfairly in lobbying for those business interests

So then the Tories tried to "fix" the broken rules - retrospectively - and to quash Paterson's censure! surprised

How can anyone justify that?

If a commoner gets convicted of breaking a "silly law" the they face the consequences and THEN have to appeal.

Even if the rules were outdated and/or inappropriate why should MPs be different?

Own Paterson should have made it his business to know and comply with the rules and limits surrounding his "consultancy" payments and responsibilities.    Of course it's absolutely tragic that his wife committed suicide during investigations into her husband's conduct but even if the two things were related then it is for Mr Paterson to balance his actions and conscience - not for others to waive the indiscretion even out of misplaced sympathy.

Of course we now know that Mr Paterson finally quit  but the debacle has left others space to conjecture whether Boris is actually a threat to British democracy


Our condolences must go to Mr Paterson and his family in their grief for a loved wife and mother

But he - like us - must accept responsibility and face the consequences whenever we break the rules of proper conduct.


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