On Hallowe'en remember Ukraine's 8 months of suffering terror attacks

If Vladimir Putin isn't evil personified then he may be another living example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely - this century's Idi Amin?

Whilst Ukraine's citizens and infrastructure gets ever more pummelled, the Putin machine spews its incredible rhetoric about how everything about Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine is the fault of the west and of Nato and according to Putin the world sits on the very edge of nuclear war

The world faces "probably the most dangerous" decade since the end of World War Two, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned.

To whatever extent that is true, it is Putin himself who is the orchestrator and engineer of that global threat.

Does he really care?  Is he insane?  Is he corrupt?

Whatever dissent has been growing within Russia will have been well hidden and swiftly crushed by the "glorious" Russian state but there can be no doubt that Putin's performance, lack of achievement, transparent posturing and persevering petulence must be raising doubts with the population and the party.

Putin bears a strong political resemblance to Idi Amin who considered himself beyond all laws and human constraints. 

It seems most unlikely that Putin will ever voluntarily back down so are we really waiting for a Russian military coup or for Putin to contract one of those strange radiation sicknesses that so "miraculously" befel Russian critics and dissidents in the safety of their European exile?


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