Life after Domestic Abuse - Going Self-Employed

I thought I would take the time to tell you about an important decision I have made as part of my new life.

 I have made the decision to go self employed.

It is another way of taking control – something that was taken away from me for so long. So I’m going to work for myself, leave my conventional day job and live the life I want to live. It’s a decision that took a lot of careful consideration. Despite that, I refuse to look back.


I have had a lot of discussions with friends and family around it and they are very supportive, more than I could ever have imagined in fact. It was in fact my Aunt that gave me the final push. She said to do it before it’s too late and I end up having regrets. She said it’s best to regret something you did rather than thinking “what if” about something you didn’t and regretting not even so much as trying. So, after a very strongly worded pep talk from her, the decision was made!


There are a few things I have to do before I truly get going. One of those is to register as self employed with the HMRC and find someone to do my tax returns. Thankfully I have a lovely Grandma who does my Grandad’s business books for him as he is seemingly incapable. Following that, I will need to build a client base. This is just a simple case of approaching people asking if they are in need of my services. I say it’s simple. I use that term loosely. It’s a case of cold calling and what could possibly be deemed as “unsolicited” emails. I would have to generate my own marketing literature as this is a far cheaper option than having someone else do it. Only starting out, outgoings need to be as low as possible. So, anything I can do myself needs to be done myself.


Next, I need to set up my own website. Again, I have a lovely supportive family member who can help me with this. I’m not fantastically well versed in the world of Wordpress and similar sites, so I’ll need to learn about that so I can maintain and update a website myself once it has been created.


There is also social media to think about. Facebook, Twitter as well as Telltrail!

People look at social media all the time for goods and services they may need. I do it all the time, from fake eyelashes to spiritualist churches. I’ve searched for all sorts. So, it would be rude to not hop on the band wagon! I’m not sure on the world of Instagram. That would be something I would potentially explore at a later date. I’m aware I might not be able to do all of this at once. This is why I need to plan it all. Week by week, month by month.


If it weren’t for a loving family, my outgoings would potentially be a lot higher starting out. So in that regard, I am extremely lucky and that is something I will never take me for granted. After all, it was my cousin that taught me about the art of self care and how it can benefit people and their mental health. She’s a clever woman, and self employed herself. Most of my family are self made people. Either that or we all have a problem with authority. I think there’s a fine line between the two sometimes.


I’m looking forward to the start of my new journey. New job, new life!


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