Rio Olympics 2016

The next Olympics is not far away now, So are there any options left for those who have just decided to attend.

I thought it would be quite nice to go on holiday to Rio when the Olympics were happening.

I only have a passing interest in some of the sports and have zero interest in most.

As it turned out there were a few tickets left for the Taekwondo, quarter, semi and finals.

My sister is quite adept in this Korean martial art, practising regularly for over 12 years and I have studied Shotokan karate and Wing Chun kung fu. So watching some of the worlds best Taekwondo fighters compete in one of the worlds most prestigious events quite appealed to me.

I spent a few hours surfing the web looking for places to stay and a flight to get me there and back.

From my research, I have discovered I am not paid anywhere near enough to be able to afford to do this.

On the day I did my research, €10000 would cost me £7715.75.

For the Hotel one of the cheapest I could find, that I would actually stay in, cost €8,830.00 for a single room in a 4 star hotel, for 4 days 3 nights, with 2 free event tickets included in that price.

August 19 (Arrival)
15:00 - 23:00 Hotel Check-in
Events of your choice

August 20-21
Events of your choice

August 22 (Departure)
07:00 - 11:00 Hotel Check-out
Events of your choice

The taekwondo still had tickets available for the quarter, semi and finals. All taking place on Saturday 20th August from 3pm to 23:00pm.

quarter and semi finals taekwondo €135.09
finals taekwondo €202.63


I found this flight for £621.61

leaves heathrow 19/08/2016 @07:25GMT arrives 19th Aug @5:20pm local time after 13 hrs 55 mins / 1 connection in Madrid

leaves 22/08/2016 @19:30local arrive London heathrow 24/08/2016 @15:10GMT

Return 39 hrs 40 mins / 2 connections Via: Porto Alegre (14h 17m) & Guarulhos Sao Paulo (10h 10m)


So for the bargain price of, lets see.

Hotel + 1 ticket to the Semi and 1 ticket to the finals of taekwondo = €8,830.00 (£6172.60)

1 event ticket for the quarter finals of taekwondo = €135.09 (£104.23)

flights to and from Rio airport = £621.61

Cash for food, local transport and partying ?


Well after I had a lie down, to recover from the shock, around £7000!. For just four days that ends with a plane flight of 39 hrs 40 mins. Sound like a holiday to you?, nope me neither.


So I got to wondering how much it would cost me to buy a tv and all the bits that go with it, as i don't have any of this kind of equipment.
1x 49inch 4K Ultra HD TV £819.00
1x Bluray / DVD player £89.00 (Not really needed but what the hell)
1x Surround sound system £512.19
1 years TV licence fee £145.50

Well that's a little more like it, £1565.69. Might need Sky or other satellite service?? roughly £300 for a year. Still under £2000.

So I can watch the taekwondo taking place at the Olympics for £1800. Now I just need to move home, So I have room to own the TV smile.


Are you planning to visit Rio for the Olympics?

Final poll results: 28-days poll expired: 8 Mar 2016
Yes, Can't wait, Have my tickets already
No, But am going to watch
No. Have paint to watch dry and a dentist appointment that i am looking forward to


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