Trump.D Diary : Fri 10th Feb 2017 : Welcoming Japan's PM Shinzo Abe

Anyone who gifts me a golden golf driver is on the right track to successful talks and mutual commitment

'Spoke with China's President Xi Jinping last night.   He was very insistent that there is only one China and I was happy to agree - you only have to look at Google Earth to see that!  Of course China's concern was about independent dealings with Taiwan and they were unhappy that I'd already had a chat with Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen.  My attitude to both is "start with harmony and then everything's negotiable".

Initial talks with Japan's President Shinzo Abe went well I think.  He wants to see me in action with the golden driver club he gave me. That's as good a reason as any for us to head off to Palm Beach.

China has a pretty good wall of their own so maybe I can get some pointers on how to build the Mexican wall quicker and cheaper than everyone expects.  

Hmmm! If each of the 11 million illegal immigrants laid a brick as they were being deported....




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