Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 20th October

Everybody has an opinion but on healthcare, on DACA and now on Iran - I choose to let Congress decide. I speak from the hip but no way am I insensitive. God bless America!

My standpoint on Iran is based on very good intelligence and the need for caution - we really don't want another N. Korea situation blowing up in the Far East.  Opinions have been plentiful and varied but let Congress do its job and decide our policy going forward.

Senator McCain is trying my patience with his thinly-veiled criticisms this week.  So far I've played very, very nice but at some point I'll have to fight back - and that won't be pretty.

I've now caught up on my personal calls and letters to the families of our fallen soldiers.  It isn't an easy thing to do - or to find the right time and words - so much so that I understand previous administrations - Obama included - didn't always manage to do it but I'm determined to make it a rule.  Now it's being suggested that Obama did usually make that effort and courtesy.  Whatever!  BTW I did not say to the bereaved Mrs Johnson of her husband David that "He knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway" that's a total fabrication..And I can prove it.....

AND I HAVE sent my personal check for $25,000 to the family of Cpl Baldridge in accordance my unsolicited offer after his death in June.  These things take time to organize and it's despicable for the press to exploit the time delay rather than praise the sincere generosity involved.

For goodness sake!  Now the revised travel ban has been blocked!!  Hawaii's Judge Watson decided that the new policy "suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor".  W.T.F.  This is really trying my patience and testing my Christian values.  Why can't the best minds in Washington come up with a formulation that doesn't attract objections however critically flawed???  The fight to protect our shores must continue.

Somebody's woken up the ex-Presidents!  They don't like the way we're handing things - but we are handling things.  Their time is over, I was the one elected and I'm the same man with the same character that the people overwhelmingly elected so I'm just doing what I promised the people in my own way..  God bless America!






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