Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 29th September

It's official - Jared is a woman! The whole world's crazy.

Obamacare looks set to last a bit longer thanks to those Republicans who don't have the guts to support our reforms.   Disgraceful! 

At least we can reverse Obama's changes to handling of university sex assault allegations.  Obama's guidance was unfairly tilted against the accused.  Hell, even I wouldn't want to go 3 years on campus under those rules.

Now Iran's firing off missiles.  Has the world gone rocket crazy??  Intelligence suggests Iran  could now  attack Israel - our ally - so that's another threat to world peace. 

Not that anyone can hear anything above N. Korea's ravings.  If they continue with what they've been saying and doing, they're not likely to be around for much longer.  And ANY idiot knows that if they carry out their threat to shoot down US planes outside of Korean airspace THAT would be an act of war, right there.  That is the last thing they should do  .... and it would be the last thing they do.

OK I 'm no great lover of teh NFL but all this kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner is just not American - it shows a lack of respect for flag and country.  They should all the fired. 

If they had a valid complaint about police treatment of blacks and coloreds then there would be ways to make that point... But our police officers do a wonderful job, often in very difficult circumstances and - as I told them recently - most of their arrestees are undoubtedly guilty of something so the officers shouldn't need to be too careful about their arrest methods or whether the perp hist their head being placed in the cop car.

Of course I didn't give the NFL issue more attention than Puerto Rico's post-hurricane struggles.  I did give it more time and urgency because I needed to speak out against any disrespect and - well, anyway the hurricane was already over.  The NFL issue didn't harm relief efforts and we even lifted the Jones Act to allow direct shipping of aid.

 Email, she-male.  Hillary's throwing a hissy fit over reports that six White House officials used private email accounts for official business when this is something she was already guilty of and defended as "human error" when I exposed her disgraceful behaviour.  And now she has the nerve to talk about the "height of hypocrisy"!!  Jeez.

Strange lost Alabama despite both me and Pence hitting the campaign trail.  Pence or Strange must've done something wrong for us to lose the primary to Roy Moore.Now I've had to delete some of my anti-Moore tweets and act graciously,... unless we can allege vote-rigging....

What on earth was Tom price thinking over his private plane travel on official government business? 24 flights on private planes for official trips since May at a cost to taxpayers of $300,000.  Now he's had  to apologize and repay eveery peeny but the slur sticks and investigations will continue.

It's official!  Son-in-law and new father Jared Kushner 'is a woman...... or at least registered to vote as a woman'  What a fiasco.

On a more positive note, samples for that wall are finally getting started.

And we've outlined our new tax cut plans to boost business and entrepreneurial flare.

Any tax benefit to me or my family is likely to be minor to negligible.  Believe me.


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