Trump.D Diary : W/E Fri 6th October

If everyone in that Las Vegas crowd had been carrying guns and able to returned fire - how coudl it have been different? Imagine hundreds of people firing at the hotel...


Sad to see Tom Price go – he’s a very fine man - and I know he will repay the cost of all his private charter flights but it was a serious mistake and I’ve accepted the resignation of a very fine man.


Hurricane Maria’s legacy in Puerto Rico’s not only played havoc with the US budget but thanks to Carmen Cruz they’ve imposed themselves on my schedule too! They only had 16 people dead for goodness sake, how does that stack up against the real catastrophe of Katrina – or even the outrage of Las Vegas? Still Melania and I went to Puerto Rico on Tuesday to play nice, calm the growing media storm and provide 5 hours of much-needed leadership.


Rex is wasting his effort and time trying to negotiate with N. Korea.   Perhaps an Asian tour can apply some subtle pressure to the region..  Planning to visit Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and the US state of Hawaii for an 11-day trip strengthening international resolve in confronting the North Korean threat.  This IS the calm before the storm.


Stephen Paddock’s attack on innocent music lovers in Las Vegas appears to have been nothing short of pure evil.  The attack was premeditated as it appears to have been out of character.   Thoughts and prayers go to all the victims of this unprecedented carnage.

Paddock had fixed bump-stocks to many of the rifles used in his attack.  At less than $200 a pop they claim to increase semi-automatic fire rates up to maybe 100 high-velocity bullets every seven seconds.

Inevitably the anti-gun lobby will try to win support but with more guns than people in this country that seems a lost cause.  There’s already a call to ban these bump-stocks but one supplier has sold out following Las Vegas and the NRA has countered with a call for “greater control”.


Border wall samples are finally under construction near San Diego.  Who said it couldn’t be done?


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