Trump.D Diary : Friday 3rd February 2017

Concentrating on the bigger issues...

 Well the pus is really coming out of the boils over my order to revoke US entry visas but when you've been repeatedly robbed and attacked in your own backyard what does anyone do - if they have any sense - but keep the gate locked?   Of course there's a public outcry from individuals affected - and none more vociferous that would-be terrorists - but until those communities clean up their act as a whole to filter out terrorists and help preserve our national security they only have themselves to blame.

I don't doubt that some of the sob stories are quite genuine and potentially very moving but I ask you what does it matter exactly how many visas were revoked? 

600 or 1,000 or 5,000 doesn't make any difference to the intention or the principle but that doesn't stop political and media bloodhounds baying at the moon over the exact number involved.  My God, isn't there enough serious government business to do without getting distracted or bogged down in minutiae?

The guys here finally seem to have responded to my necktie comments.  I've been a necktie fashion leader since well before and certainly throughout the campaign so why does it take me to comment for them to get with the program? 

 I've left room for them to show some level of belated intelligence so of course I haven't stipulated that it MUST be a Donald J necktie or pointed out in detail that the length of necktie should be proportional to status and act as an obvious flag of relative importance. But I have clearly set the bar in practice (even Vladimir gets it!) and God help anyone here wearing theirs longer than mine!  I'll know who they are - even from the back view - and suitable action will follow.

At last the girls here are looking better too.... or in some cases at least a little bit more like girls.  I always insisted that both men and women should look the part in my very successful business life and I believe the same should apply to the business of government.  What's wrong with that?  Nothing of course,  But that won't stop the bra-burning, flag waving, tree hugging, uni-gender, commie protesters or those losers desperate for another soapbox issue so they can hear their own voices on a public stage.

Maybe the Donald J brand should expand into women's outfits?... mid-heeled shoes?.... and make-up?  Some of these people are so much in need of some business fashion advice we'd be doing them - and the administration - a service by giving them some pointers, some examples and some classy choices.  We ... my son ... could even arrange to run parties and demos in the White House!  We are dealing with National Security after all!

Speaking of security.  I've demanded to know who the hell leaked details of my private telephone calls with the other world leaders but so far without success.  I've even had my special people lean on the White House press corp but not surprisingly they yet again refuse to reveal their sources.  We'll really have to do something about that.  Freedom of the press is one thing but when all they do is bad-mouth their own President with fictions, lies and innuendoes then they're taking it all too far and why should sources be protected at all?

They thought we were getting somewhere with one guy so I had them set up a secret meeting and promise we'd never reveal that it was him who told us.  But in the end it was all for nothing as he said there was actually no leak.  What utter bullshit - I should have had him bull-whipped for wasting our time.  As if I could've really been heard all the way from Pennsylvania Avenue!  Really! ..........  Really?   I must get that checked out.....  







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