Trump.D Diary : Monday, January 30th

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

I very much believe in the motto “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but in business and in politics the distinction between friends and others is fluid, transient and largely depends on who has the biggest stick.

I have the biggest stick and we’ll all be friends while everyone understands that…. And at least until I have to use that stick J

So when it comes to all my advisors, lobbyists and special interests let’s sort the wheat from the chaff.  Every new regulation proposed must replace and rescind an existing regulation at no increase in regulatory cost.  How does that sound?

Hmmm.  Not tough enough I suspect.  OK each new regulation must replace and rescind two existing regulations at no additional cost and preferably at a cost saving.

That should ensure I’m not bothered by pie-in-the-sky trivia but just to make extra sure I still have time to service my social media accounts, I’ll limit each agency to an annual quota of regulations.

Good job, Don!

Back to Twitter….


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