Trump.D Diary : Saturday 28th January 2017

Defeating ISIS ... and other stuff

 Defeating ISIS


OK not exclusively as ISIS day.  ISIS is a tough nut to crack so I’ll warm up on a couple of easier challenges.

First up, the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council.  That’s related to ISIS issues and anyway I’m expected to make my mark – something everybody knows I never fail to do.

If I hadn’t been such a powerful orator then Steve Bannon could have rightfully claimed some credit for my election success and he bears the added distinction of not having pissed me off yet – mainly because he claimed no personal credit.  Let’s see what he can achieve on the Principals Committee.

I need to do something about loyalties.  Shakespeare said it well through Julius Caesar “Yon Cassius Has a Lean and Hungry Look. He Thinks Too Much. Such Men are Dangerous.”  The administration is full of “lean and hungry men” and that’s how I like it… but they need to be tethered.

I know!  I’ll just draft a memo  on Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Employees limiting their lobbying freedoms beyond the scope of this administration.  Easy!

Now about ISIS…. What would I do on The Apprentice?  Delegate the project of course! cool

OK Mr Secretary of Defense, you will have 7 … no, 10 ……. Heck let’s make it within 30 days (and see how well you do) to develop a plan for us to finally defeat the Islamic State.  Let’s see – it should cover diplomatic, military, financial and – of course - cyber engagement. 

We can only imagine how effective it could be for one country to hack the information systems of another.  Maybe I should give Vladimir a call – he may be able to give us some pointers of things to do, and things to guard against.

Speaking of information systems it’s time I updated my Facebook and Twitter accounts – it wouldn’t do for people to think they can just get away with blatant misquotes and misrepresentations in the press and social media.  Putting them all in their place in no uncertain terms is one of the highlights of an otherwise dull day.



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