Trump.D Diary : Saturday 4th February 2017


So much for a quieter weekend!

This place is full of long ties and longer faces now that Judge Robart has stuck his oar in the already turbulent waters and to make matters worse Melania's in a sulk because I'd promised to help her finalize the remodeling plans that would make our new home a bit more bearable.

It's one thing to piss off the President but when that affects the first lady then things are getting really serious.

I never had to contend with all this shit before.  My word was law in the Trump organizations and surely it should have been even more decisive now I'm officially the most powerful world leader!?!

So now the whole of America and much of the world is left in confusion.  People are flying, people are trying, people are arriving and will they get past immigration?

Even I can't answer  that right now.  Of course we knew about all the legal rumblings so why didn't we have an overwhelming rebuttal case ready for instant appeal to restore order, justice and clarity?

It's just not good enough to say that key people had to take their eye off the ball while they got their ties and dress sense sorted.  This is exactly why a proper dress code should have been established from day 1 so that everybody could focus 100% on the real issues of government.

This is symptomatic of the weak and woolly leadership of all my predecessors and I'm being made the bad guy just because I'm finally imposing some standards.

If we're to operate effectively on the world stage we have to get our house in order ...

Oh shit! Melania heard me vocalise that last comment.  Yes, dear I'm coming..




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