Trump.D Diary : Sunday 5th February 2017

Patriots Won, Patriotism Lost

This was the day when the judiciary closed ranks and rejected our appeal against the action of one so-called judge who saw fit to overturn our national security immigration ban, thus  sparking immense confusion and opening the flood gates for anyone with paperwork and irrespective of whether their hidden agenda is to reek havoc and public atrocity.

I've done everything I can to live up to my pre-election promises on homeland security and do I get any thanks or support?  No, what I get instead is resistance, obstruction, protest and finally - so far - tied up in red tape.  Well if my worst fears are realized and something terrible happens then everyone will know who to hold responsible and maybe they'll finally give me some credit and support going forward.

Still it's not all bad.  Parts of the economy have been showing a significant boost - lawyer billings and gun sales (almost exclusively sniper rifles!?) have risen sharply and for the moment at least the travel and hotel industries will see a return to projected turnover.

So we're a bit behind where I'd hoped but perhaps there's a lesson in the Patriot's glorious victory at the Superbowl.  With only minutes to go they were behind on points and many might have thought beaten but they rallied and overcame the Falcons to win the game, the day and a record achievement in extra time.

Sadly I'd already left the stadium by the time of their resurgence.  I hope that part isn't prophetic!


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